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Majlis Pengakap Daerah GeorgeTown (Selatan)
தென் ஜியார்ஜ்டவுன் உள்ளூர் கூட்டரசு சாரணர் இயக்கம்

Upcoming Events

Taklimat Lencana Perkhidmatan & Lencana Kegiatan
15 Apr 2018
Khusus Lencana Jaya – Mendaki Bukit
22 Apr 2018
Khusus Lencana Maju – Pengembara 16KM
22 Jun 2018
Khusus Lencana Pemadam Api
23 Jun 2018
Ujian Lencana Ekspedisi 80KM
18 Jun 2018
Ujian Lencana Perkhidmatan
01 Jul 2018
Khusus Lencana Petolongan Cermas
28 Jul 2018
Kem Ujian Lencana Usaha & Pengembara 8KM
24 Aug 2018
Ujian Lencana Ahli Sukan & Jurumasak dikhemah
24 Aug 2018
Kem Ujian Lencana Ahli Berkhemah
24 Aug 2018
Ujian Lencana Maju – Melawat Tempat Bersejarah
16 Sep 2018
Khusus Lencana Ahli Perhubungan
07 Oct 2018
Taklimat Lima Lencana Tertinggi
04 Nov 2018
Taklimat Lencana Jayadiri & Ekspedisi 80KM
04 Nov 2018
Ujian Lencana Ekspedisi 80KM
02 Dec 2018
Project Leader 2018 27-29 July Penang Scouts HQ
27 Jul 2018
35th Annual General Meeting
12 Aug 2018
District Rover Council and develop the youth platform
28 Jul 2018

About Us

The GeorgeTown (South) Local Association of Scouts is part of Penang State Scout Council and Scouts Association of Malaysia. The district serves scouts within the southern part of the city of George Town in the north-east district of Penang island, which is south of the line running along the Dr Lim Chwee Leong Road Ghaut (formerly Prangin Street Ghaut), Macalister Road, Utama Road (formerly Western Road) to Botanic Gardens, including the vicinities of Jelutong, Air Itam, and part of Gelugor from Brown Garden to Gambir Garden.

History of Scout Movement in Penang and Malaysia
In Malaysia, scout movement started two years after it was founded in London. However, it is believed that a trial group had been established in George Town at YMCA Penang in 1908, the same year that scouting was formed in England.

Before the independence on August 31, 1957, the scout movement in Malaysia was formally registered with the London headquarters of the Boy Scouts Association (now The Scout Association). On September 1, 1957, the national organization was admitted as a full member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, and now known as Scouts Association of Malaysia (Persekutuan Pengakap Malaysia). The scout movement in Malaysia is governed under Scouts Association of Malaysia (Incorporation) Act 1968.

Executive Council 2018

Elected on August 12, 2018
President Dato’ Dr Yee Thiam Sun DMPN, DSPN, DJN, KMN, PKT, PJM, MBBS (Agra), MCGP (Mal), FAFP (Mal), FACSM (USA), MSpCard (Rome), LFOM (Ire), 9W2YTS
Vice Presidents Mr. Beh Hong Thiew DJN, PJK, PJM, PPC, PPS, PPB
Mr. Ong Eng Loo PPB, BCom, CA(M), ACA(Aust), ACIS
Mejar (PAB) Ooi Chao Shyuan PKT, PJK, PJM, BS (High Hons), ChFC
Chair Mr. P’ng Lai Heng PJK, PJM, PPS, PPB, SKKPN
Vice Chair Mr. Choo Kian Ming SKKPN, BComm, LLB
Honorary Secretary Mr. Lai Menn Tatt PJK, PJM, PTK, SKKPN, SMIEEE, 9V1LL, 9W2LAI
Assistant Honorary Secretary Mr. Cheah Chuan Wooi PJK, MBA, CSM, CMILT (UK), MLogM, TTT (PSMB), 9W2AVI, KD9CIL
Honorary Treasurer Mr. Lim Huck Khiam MBA, BAcct(Hons), CPA(M), CA(M), CISA(US)
Assistant Honorary Treasurer Mr. Ho Kok Loon MBA, BAcc(Hons), CA(M), FCTIM
Council Members (Lay Member) Dato’ Khaw Tatt Jin DIMP, SMP, PK
Mr. Boo Cheik Piow PJM, PPB, SKKPN, ALT
Mr. Lim Ewe Huat PK, PPA
Mr. Tan Wooi Wooi
Council Members (Group Scouter) Mr. David Keasavan BEdu
Ms. Aisha Yang Ruhan
Mr. Lee Teng Kuan
Mr. Mohamed Ayub Ghose Mohamed
Mr. Evangelus Joseph Pragasam
Badge Secretary Mr. Ng Kah Weng BEng (Hons)
Auditors Mr. Yeoh Chin Kah PJM
Mr. Ng Song Kheng

Ex Officio Members 2018

Chief State Commissioner Haji Zulkafli Kamaruddin DJN, PKT, PJK
District Commissioner Mr Oi Siou Hean PJK, PJM, PPS, PPB, SKKPN
Assistant District Commissioners Mr Tomas Sandanadass
Mr Goh Thean Poh PJK, PJM, PPS, PPB, PPA
Mr Loo Chin Choong PPB, SKKPN, 9W2PCL
Mr Nyong Chye Loon
Mr Yew Chee Lam
Mr Kung Sin Jin
Ms Azelia binti Mohammed
Mr Faizul Azli bin Husin
Mr Mark Tan Weng Son PPB, SKKPN, 9W2MWS
Ms Penny Lee Pei Nee
Mr Tan Yan Hong 9W2TYH
Ms Salinder Vathi Mohan Doss
Mr Yeoh Kean Keong SKKPN
Mr Goh Thean Yu PJM, PPB, SKKPN
Mr Lim Tat Chong SKKPN
District Leaders Mr Foo Chi Hong
Mr Tan Aik Sian
Mr David Keasavan
Mr Yusmadi bin Yusoff
Mr Khushairi bin Zainuddin
Mr Lim Ah Song
Mr See Kean Hock
Mr Teoh Chern Zhong PPB, SKKPN
Mr Faizul Azli bin Husin
Mr Jeyaraman

Badge Sub Committee 2018

Appointed on August 12, 2018
Badge Secretary Mr. Ng Kah Weng
District Chair Mr. P’ng Lai Heng
District Commissioner Mr. Oi Siou Hean
Committee Members Mr. Loo Chin Choong
Mr. Yew Chee Lam
Mr. Tan Yan Hong
Mr. Kung Sin Jin

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GeorgeTown (South) Local Association of Scouts
GeorgeTown (South) District Scout Council
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Wisma Pengakap
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10450 Penang
Executive Council

11-D Pahang Road
10400 Penang
Commissioner Council

230 Dato Keramat Road
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